What every Magician MUST learn from Gary Vaynerchuk

You’re probably thinking… what could a magician possibly learn from a belarusian-american entrepreneur who runs a social media agency and likes to sell wine? A lot actually, far more than you could imagine. 

More commonly known as Gary Vee, Gary has expert knowledge in sales, building a brand, emotional intelligence, and arguably the most important two, career success and happiness. 

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So what MUST magicians take away from Gary Vee? Gary Vee speaks a lot about entrepreneurship, but his advice can really transfer to other fields of work.

Here it is…

  1. This era is the best opportunity to make a living out of your passion/hobby.
  2. You have to START – there’s only so much reading and planning you can do.
  3. Without hustle, execution, and patience, you won’t reach your goal.
  4. “If you love something, and you’re lucky enough to be half-good at it, go TUNNEL.FUCKING.VISION”

So let’s go through this in a bit more detail with some clips from Gary… 

This era is the best opportunity to make a living out of your passion/hobby:

Magicians will know that there are many talented performers out there who make a full time income from performing magic. The question is… how? Before you decide that isn’t possible for you, consider this…

Magicians have been able to create a full time income from magic even before the internet began. Social Media now provides the chance to grow a personal brand, advertise your services, or to grow your own community and broadcast yourself to hundreds, thousands, and millions of people.

How can you use social media to build a brand, grow a community, or create work as a Magician? Listen to Gary Vee’s strategy here:

Magicians can use social media to their advantage no matter their skill or ability. A beginner magician has the opportunity to build a personal brand by documenting their journey as a magician, whereas professional magicians have used social media to share personal development material, their coaching services, as well as performances to demonstrate their mastery of the craft. 

Chris Ramsay, one of the most influential modern day Magicians on YouTube has just surpassed 3 million subscribers on their YouTube account. I document my own journey as a magician and share the lessons I’ve learnt on my Instagram and Blog.

You have to START – Hustle, Execute, Patience:

How many times have you sat down and said either to yourself or to a friend that you wantto do this, you think this is a good idea for a magic trick, or that you’ll try this to get yourself magic gigs in the future? Now how many times have you actually gone out and executed or acted upon that idea? How long did it take?

Or how many times have you decided to read a book or another tutorial instead of going out and performing magic to somebody? If this sounds like you, you must watch the video below:

This is my favourite quote from Gary: “fuck your ‘gonna’. All you want to do is read and consume, you’re just a student. You need to go out there and do”. 

Not only do you need to take action or take the first step towards having a career in magic, or simply getting better at magic, you actually have to work hard. That’s where Gary Vee’s idea of hustle comes in:

Chase your passion to find happiness – going tunnel vision:

This quote is right up there with my favourite from Gary Vee, and it’s potentially life changing…

“Figure out the thing that sets you on fire… if you’re lucky enough to be good at what you love, go TUNNEL, FUCKING, VISION”. 

This really resonates with me, and if you take in the previous advice from Gary, and agree with it, then you may just begin to realise that a career as a Magician is very much possible for you. 

I have been in magic for just over a year and a half now, this year being the first time I’ve worked at big events. So the chance is there for myself, and many fellow magicians out there, to start pushing yourself out there, making a name for yourself, and building up a list of gigs to perform at a magician, paid or unpaid.

Use social media to your advantage, put in the hard work, actually start to take action rather than saying ‘I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that’, START… then finally have the patience as you build your hobby into a full time career.

Here’s one last clip from Gary for you to enjoy…

I hope you liked this piece on how Gary Vaynerchuk has advice applicable to Magicians. Let me know what you agree or disagree with, and for more from Gary, you can follow his YouTubeTwitterLinkedin & Podcasts

Thanks for reading!

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